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Modern organizations security requirements are more challenging and growing increasingly. Visitor management system used to manage visitors include customers, suppliers, colleagues, maintenance staff, competitors, government officers, guests, and a sometimes Utterly unknown person. Security person creates customized visitor pass with visitor name, photograph, organization name, contact details, and escort name.

Nowadays, To manage and track visitors, automated visitor management system is utmost essential. Visitor Management also maintains records of materials that the visitor is carrying along with his ID-proof for security purpose.

If you are looking for finding right Visitor Management System in Belgaum, walk through further to understand more about the Visitor Management System.

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How does Visitor Management System Works

  • A visitor management system is a web-based planner and scheduler.
  • Web-based visitor appointment entered by employees, security verifies the date of visitors, verifies visitor ID proof and allows check-in.
  • Security completes checkout on visitor departure
  • Individual notes entered by managers for customer arrivals
  • Option to view remote location visitor records using web
  • Optional Email or SMS alert sent to specific staff on check-in completion

Why Visitor Management System

Following the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, companies have done securing conscious efforts to assure the protection and safety of their premises, data, employees, and visitors. For front-of-house, the foundation of digital Visitor Management solutions has led to businesses creating more open and quick check-in methods for visitors. You can learn more about this working with Basic Technologies Systems, the leading solution provider of Visitor Management System in Belgaum.

To help decision making authorities, to identify which visitor management features are mainly essential to their operation. Here we have split the highlights into three segments

Office Administration

  • The setup modules have both Admin and User logins and the roles for data sharing and control functions of each user login.
  • You can build multiple number of users here.
  • A role for data sharing and access to the software can be set for the user, only if he is a non-Admin.
  • Manual installations are not necessary on the client side. Admin can use any system with a familiar browser
  • Facility to blacklist guests to restrict access to anywhere inside the premises or even in the main entrance.

Visitor Registration

  • Through registration, we can separate the difference of a visitor and temporary workers at reception / Pre-Registration by Employee.
  • Catches primary information of a visitor like Name, Company Name, Address, etc.
  • Record Information about Laptops, Phone, or all other items brought to the building.
  • Visitor photos snapped at the entrance are saved on the server for later reference.
  • Choices avails to register fingerprint pattern of visitor helping high level security. Badges Issuing

Badging Issuing

  • Tag any kind of vehicle along with the visitor badge identification.
  • SMS send to visitor instantly for Mobile Number authentication. The identical code will be accessed by the receptionist to verify visitor.
  • Email send to visitors on when an meeting appointment is scheduled , let visitors can take print of their own identity badges from the registered email.
  • The same printing badges can also handy with barcode options

Visitor Tracking

  • Scans badges at every entrance of the department.
  • A barcode scanner can, therefore, report visitor entry/exit at various other location in the same building.
  • Documents & Reports will stay of each visitors.
  • Visitor registered for multiple meeting appointments with separate owners or business officials, individual email / SMS notification is sent to different hosts wherein a single host is aware of the others appointment.

Measure Visitors Traffic

  • Advanced reports are possible at fingertips as specific database built up over some time.
  • Primary reports are easy to understand with time/date impressions on each report generation.
  • Logs and Charts are open to view to any deciding authorities
  • Can also send in multiple mediums such as e-mail, print and export logs in excel
  • Condition-based filters can apply to various reports on Daily, Monthly, Weekly basis.

Visitor Pass Customization
Visitor management systems offer numerous branding opportunities. As you looking forward with developing your visitor management system, it provides you with some branding benefits to build branding opportunities.

Branding Customization
The pre-registration email acts as a professional invitation from your company. You can customize the email with your brand’s colors, logo, mottos, etc

Print size based customization
Visitor pass can be print size badge also. A static logo can use on every badge. Badge design is done via your visitor management software’s template design tool

Visitor pass field
Visitor pass Creation may be in the form of the digital pass with Access Rights for a Visitor. Customized Pass with Details like Visitor Name, Photograph and Organization Name

Advanced Management Reports

  • Visitor pass report
  • Data wise and time wise report
  • Department wise visit report
  • Visitor type wise report
  • Daily visitor report
  • Photo display in reports
  • Excel and PDF-based reports

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