Looking for Right IP CCTV Camera Dealer in Belgaum

IP CCTV are the latest CCTV technology in the market. IP CCTV have best camera resolution compared to HD or Analog CCTV Systems. IP CCTV Systems are little expensive compared to analog or HD CCTV. However the advantages of IP CCTV is that you can use existing data network for CCTV video transmission.

In setup with 100+ camera deployment you need to design separate data network with fiber backbone such that video transmission happens without performance issues.

If you are looking for finding right IP CCTV camera dealer in Chennai for your requirement, please read further to understand more about the IP CCTV available in the market today.

How does IP CCTV Camera Works ?

  • IP CCTV is a network camera. It includes CCTV cameras, video recorder, central and remote monitoring. Based on the wireless type of Camera the working principle differs.
  • There is no network cabling because CCTV Camera can work with the wireless router and record video footage into a Micro SD Card.
  • Also, a wireless IP camera is capable of supporting local and remote video streaming and playback.
  • The IP CCTV camera consists of a pair of wireless antennas that one acts as a transmitter and another act as a receiver to create a network bridge. Without expensive cable dredging, Wifi bridge signal connects cameras and DVR/NVR.
  • The IP CCTV camera transmits videos through a network is already built into the DVR/NVR which is plays the role of recording videos in a CCTV system.

Essential parts of IP CCTV Camera

The essential function of a video monitoring system is to capture, manipulate, hold, and view recordings and images. CCTV system is capable of customization with a variety of components.

Utmost cameras come with a 3.6mm lens. Approximately gives a 77-degree view angle. There are various lenses for wide angle, long range, manual varifocal, zoom lenses, etc. Cable depends on the external surroundings, area to get cover.

Main Chipset
No matter you go with analog or IP. Both have the common main chipset (CPU) that will do the image processing for this board and the sensor which would depend on the quality of image needed.

Infrared Filters
It placed below the lens, and when the camera goes into night mode, the filter turns to night mode to make the image black and white. Its because B&W images are sharper than color images in low light circumstances.

Infrared Night Vision
It is a ring of infrared LEDs which also has a light sensor on the same board. The sensor detects the sufficient light in the room and switches on the LEDs automatically. People will notice the ring of LEDs glows a little red. Typically, you will have cameras with 24 / 36 / 48 LEDs. Depending on the distance you want the camera to see at night and the lens that ships with the camera.

Types of IP CCTV Camera in Belgaum

Primarily, one should think to confirm their requirements. The types of IP CCTV Cameras may differ based on your need. It’s classification depends on the image sensor, size, scene width,height, and distance. It is broadly classified based on usage.

Based on Usage

Indoor CCTV
  • Below Indoor cameras can be smaller, lightweight and they usually called as Dome Camera.
  • Both indoor and outdoor cameras utilize infrared, which allows for sharp images in low light conditions.
  • For example, people use them to monitor their inside office premises. It is classified based on lens, shape, distance, etc.

Outdoor CCTV
  • It’s specialized for placing outside a building to record what is going on.
  • For example, people use them at home to monitor their steps or street area to see if people come in their levels to steal things. Or try to break in.
  • It is classified based on lens, shape, distance, etc

Long Distance
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom is the abbreviation of PTZ Camera. Although, many benefits are there to use this type.
  • These are programmable with ‘tours’ which means they can be scheduled automatically to focus on several different areas at specified intervals.
  • For example, they could look at a lift for one minute, then a reception area front.

Analog vs HD CCTV vs IP CCTV

Analog Camera

FeaturesDVR’s and monitors using a coax cable Such as RG6
Capable of capturing commendable HD videos
DVR’s and monitors Using a coax cable Such as RG6
Capable of capturing HD Footages up to 1080p resolution.5 times more pixels than the analog camera
IP Cameras using ethernet cable such as CAT6.
Capable of capturing higher resolution images than HD CCTV
CostLow costAffordable costAffordable cost

Long lifeLong lifeVery Long life

How to Install IP CCTV Camera by Yourself?

Setting up a CCTV/DVR system is normally very simple and straightforward. In general, you plainly need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to connect the cables.

The most challenging part is usually the cabling work. Often, you must choose a professional IP CCTV Camera dealer in Chennai.Primarily, make sure where you want to install the system and prepare the tools.

1. At first, you must consider where you want to watch the most and possible areas to install a CCTV. Monitoring every place is expensive & inefficient. So, draw a diagram to mark cctv area in your floor plan

2. After identify the areas you want to monitor, you should connect cameras directly plug into the NVR box using BNC Connectors & monitors to get an overview of the area coverage.

3. Then depending on how your house / office Server IP Configuration is built, you have to plan to assign IP address to each of the Wireless CCTV Camera.

4. Common tools for Wireless CCTV Installation Wireless transceiver, Omni directional antenna, DVR/NVR, PoE injectors, LED/LCD monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

5. Finally, NVR system can be directly connected to your Server and it transmitted into WAN by assigning unique IP address for each wireless CCTV Camera. Then, using a web browser in Laptop or computer monitor or in Tablet & Mobile phone you can enter the IP address of your NVR to live stream your video / audio.

How To Find Right IP CCTV Dealer in Belgaum

To find the leading CCTV Camera Dealers in Belgaum to satisfy one’s needs, the customer should check for the below points:

Is the Company Experienced in CCTV Business
How many years of experience does the company has ? Have they done large projects, have they supported CCTV systems for many years ?
Customer Reference
Take reference of customers and talk to them to understand the post sale service, expertise & reliability.
ISO Certified & Process Driven Company
Company that invest in Quality Management Systems are process driven than people driven. Work with process driven company.
Do They Provide FREE Site Survey & Consultation
A good vendor can save you a lot of money by recommending right product, cable routing & right technologies. Ask them to do FREE site survey and provide proposal.

Newtech Enterprises Systems IP CCTV Services Offering

Site Survey

Site Survey

Visit customer site and provide solutions with drawings & technical specs.Project Management

Project Management

Experienced project management team, professional project tracking and reporting.Project Consulting

Project Consulting

Provide consulting on technologies, brands with cost-benefit analysis.

SAMC, Service Contracts

AMC, Service Contracts

Annual Service/ Maintenance with preventive maintenance visits.Implementation


Project Implementation including cabling & related accessories.IT FMS Services

IT FMS Services

IT Manpower services for technical support. Full time & part time onsite support services.

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