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Since 2002, In the field of Biometrics and access control, eSSL is being India’s top most Market leader. eSSL serves over 5,00,000 Customers in India and Worldwide across different Sectors such as Government, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Public Facilities, etc..

Nowadays, To manage the enterprise, eSSL biometric access control system in Belagum is utmost essential.

If you are looking to find the right eSSL Biometric access control System in Belgaum, walk through further to understand more about the eSSL Biometric access control System.

Business Benefits

Using the biometric access control system produces many benefits for a business organization

Prevents unauthorized access:
Biometric access control systems prevent intruders from the secured zone or server. This is highly essential to safeguard the company secrets and confidential data. No unauthorized person can access the secured area without prior clearance.

Deals with time theft
Companies have had trouble with time theft for a long time, and that is unlikely to change if nothing is done to solve the problem. But how exactly were employees stealing their company’s time? They may not log in at the specified time and also log out earlier than stated by them in the logbook.

LBiometrics prevent forgery

Biometrics prevents a practice known as buddy punching.‘Buddy punching’ was a significant problem when companies used attendance kept by using time sheets and passwords to log in their employees. In the case of biometrics, personal biological features are required for the employee to log-in.

Ease of use
Another use of biometric software is that it is straightforward to install and use without any difficulties.all an employee needs to do scan register his biometric details that will hardly take more than 10 mins and then use the system regularly.

Types of Devices

Fingerprint Recognition

It works by scanning the fingerprints of authorized individuals and then cross-referencing them with the stored scans.

Face Recognition

It works by scanning the facial features of a person and then cross-referencing them with the previously stored scans of the said person.

Palm Reader

To utilize a vein recognition system, place your finger, wrist, palm or the back of your fingers above or near the scanner.

Software Features

Salient Features of Time Attendance Software

Employee Master

Shift Management

Reader Management

Leave Management

Attendance Regularization





Permissions & Holidays

How to install Access Control System

Hardware Installation
1. Fixing Device – Affix the Biometric Device in the Wall or Door – The first step is to fix the biometric device in a convenient place where it is easy for the employees to register and is near to the power outlet

2. Connect UPS Power Supply to the Device – Connect a UPS power supply so that even in the case of electric shutdown the biometric device can usually run without any problems.

3. Connect Network/LAN cable for data connectivity – For the biometric device to upload data into the server, an ethernet cable should be connected to it thereby allowing it to access the server.

Employee Registration
1. Enroll employee fingerprint in the device. For the device to work the employees must first register their devices with the biometric attendance system.

2. Configure administration rights in the device if needed. The administrative rights must configure so that only the designated person can access the biometric database.

Software Installation

1. Install Prerequisite software – Java, MySQL.In the administrator system, the software required for the system to sync with the biometric device should install.

2. Install Basic Technologies Attendance Software. Next, you need to install the Basic Technologies attendance software to manage the biometric system.

3. Assign an IP address to Biometric Readers and connect them. Assign the designated IP addresses to the biometric device to compare them with the system.

4. Link Biometric finger template with employee master. You have to link the biometric finger template with the employee master to sync the attendance details with the system.

5. Generate attendance Reports Using the Basic Technologies attendance software, and you can then generate attendance reports

Best selling eSSL devices

Attendance Devices

K – Attendance device

  • 500/1000 fingerprints, 1000 card storage
  • 50,000 transaction logs storage
  • 2.8″ color tft
  • Inbuilt battery backup upto 2 hours
  • Supports ssr mode

Face attendance device

  • Face Capacity: 400 (1:N) /700(1:G) /3000(1:1)
  • ID Card Capacity: 10,000
  • Transaction Storage: 1,00,000
  • Camera: High Resolution Infrared Camera

X990 attendance device

  • Attendance management
  • Access Control
  • Card based attendance
  • Door lock system
  • Push system

Access Control Devices

F – Access control system

  • F18 is a standalone fingerprint T&A + Access Control system, IN and OUT status,
  • low price with good performance
  • designed specially for popularizing the fingerprint products.

X990 access control device

  • Attendance management
  • Access Control
  • Card based attendance
  • Door lock system
  • Push system

Face access control system

  • Transaction Storage : 1,00,000
  • Fingerprint Templates : 2000
  • Face Capacity : 3000(1:N),3000(1:1)
  • Display : 10.922cm(4.3)TFT touchscreen
  • SUPC : SDL466646517

Top 3 best sellers


MB Face reader

  • Face Capacity-1500
  • Fingerprint Capacity-2000
  • ID Card Capacity-2000
  • Transaction Storage-80,000
  • Display-2.8 inch TFT Screen
  • Communication-TCP/IP, USB-Host


  • User Capacity 1,000
  • Finger Capacity 500
  • Face Capacity 200
  • Transaction Capacity 50,000
  • Communication TCP/IP, USB 2.0 (Host)

U-Face reader

  • User Capacity 1,000
  • Finger Capacity 500
  • Face Capacity 200
  • Transaction Capacity 50,000
  • Communication TCP/IP, USB 2.0 (Host)

Basic Technologies Systems Biometric Expertise

Basic Technologies Time Attendance Software
Basic Technologies System provides top most quality eSSL Biometric Access Control System in Chennai. Basic Technologies Systems has in-house software R&D that develops and maintains Basic Technologies  Attendance Software. Since we use our product, we provide features that are unique for growing enterprise requirements.
Attendance Payroll Integration
 Basic Technologies  Time Attendance Software supports integration to all leading payroll software. We support different integration such as a database to database integration, CSV or text file based integration, automated scheduled integrations.
Software Customization to Suit Your Business
Since we have software R&D capabilities, we can customize the software to suit your HR process, requirements. Also, massive enterprise deployment may need periodic software maintenance to maintain good performance.
Specialist in Multi Location HO-BO Attendance
DACAM specializes in Multi Location Head Office, Branch Office Attendance Solutions. If you have a head office and multiple branch offices we can have centralized attendance system with HRMS/Payroll Integration.
PAN India Installation & Service Capabilities
We have reference customers that use our attendance solutions across India. We have installation and service capabilities on PAN India basis even on tier 2, tier 3 locations.
Large Enterprise Client Reference
DACAM is an expert in enterprise systems. We have case studies, references for large-scale attendance projects and various architecture. If you are a large company and looking for centralized attendance than Basic Technologies is the right choice.

Basic Technologies Systems ESSL Biometric Access Control Systems Offering


Site Survey

Site Survey

Visit customer site and provide solutions with drawings & technical specs.

Project Management

Project Management

Experienced project management team, professional project tracking and reporting.

Project Consulting

Project Consulting

Provide consulting on technologies, brands with cost-benefit analysis

SAMC, Service Contracts

AMC, Service Contracts

Annual Service/ Maintenance with preventive maintenance visits.



Project Implementation including cabling & related accessories.

IT FMS Services

IT FMS Services

IT Manpower services for technical support. Full time & part time onsite support services..

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