Biometric Installation Services

Newtech Enterprises can make Biometric installation services of such all machines – common in all organizations – from small to large and corporate houses. If you are looking for biometric services, you have come at the right place

Biometric Installation Services in Belgaum,Karnataka

Biometric installation

Biometric system installation service
Rs 1500/- per device

Service Model—– Essl, Biomax, Time-Office, Mantra, RealTime
Service Mode—- On-Site installation
Machine or Device—-Fingerprint, Card & Face
Duration Period—– 1-2 days
Service Location—- Belgaum, Karnataka
CCTV Camera installation services

Biometric installation services

Biometric system complete purchase & installation service

Service Mode——- Essl, Biomax, Time Watch, RealTime, Timeoffice, Mantra
Service Mode-—– On-Site installation
Machine or Devices—– Fingerprint, Card, Face & Access Control
Delivery Period—— 6-10 days (after PO)
Duration Period——-1-2 days
Service Location—— All Locations of Belgaum District.